Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Soccer Mom

For me and many other city girls there are two uber symbols of suburbia: the minivan and the soccer mom.

When I moved here three years ago, my husband rented a minivan for my trip from the city to our new house in Westport. I cried so hard and my reaction was so violent, that he promptly cancelled the reservation and got me an SUV instead. The minivan has never come up again.  ( I know, I know it's the most practical vehicle for families, it's my personal mental limit)

Fast forward three years...I am a soccer mom.

How did this happen to a city girl you ask?

How did this happen to me I ask?

Well future suburban moms beware, it happens in a flash!

Here's how it happened to me.

Your kid is born into a Spanish family that lives and breathes soccer. In fact, his first uniform is given to him at birth.

He innocently plays soccer in the park with his dad.

He takes the cute pre-school soccer classes in Central Park.

He gets into Kindergarten and joins the local soccer league with all of his friends.

He plays a couple of years on the regular soccer league. One practice, one game a week. Not so bad.

Turns out the kid is pretty good and the talented kids try out for travel soccer. So of course you want the best for your kid, if he's good enough let him try out. (I was torn for the entire selection process! Hoping for him he'd get in, hoping for me that he'd be rejected!)

Oh no he makes the team! He gets his own number, a full uniform with his name on it, that's the sweet side. The downside, all of your sudden he has a pre-season clinic during summer break, two practices a week, two games a week one on Saturday and one on Sunday. A tournament during the nicest long weekend of the fall.

But hold on, it doesn't stope there. Your second son also likes to play soccer and the "baby girl", who is now entering Kindergarten wants to be in the game!

Here's the status:  my kids are exercising, learning the ins and outs of being a good team member, making friends, gaining confidence and I have to drive them to a soccer event 6 days out of 7 every single week!

I am my worst nightmare, I am a soccer mom (tequila anyone?).

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